Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the River Arts District?
The River Arts District is located along the French Broad River, just minutes from downtown Asheville. Here’s a map and directions.

2. Who are the River District Artists?
We are a community of artists in the River Arts District committed to creating art, supporting the artists in our neighborhood and producing successful art events such as the Studio Strolls. We hope you’ll come and visit.

3. Okay, I’m planning a visit. How can I tell who’s open?
We have a new SEARCH BY DATE feature on the website. You can get a good idea of who’s open each day of the week. And be sure to ask while you are exploring the neighborhood; someone new might have just opened their doors.

4. Why do you have two websites?
It IS a little confusing, isn’t it? is the website listing all the artists who belong to the River District Artists organization. We put on 2 Studio Strolls a year–in June and November– and you can find out about that and get information about our members here. We also publish a member artist profile every month! is a blog, where we post events and announcements from member artists and the River Arts District community at large. If you want to see what’s going on with the artists here, or find out about upcoming events in the River Arts District, check the blog often…you can even sign up to receive each post by email or RSS.

5. Is there studio space available?
Spaces ARE available from time to time. The River District Artists do not oversee studio space rental. Here’s a list of building owners you can contact.

6. How do I become a member of the River District Artists?
First, you need a studio here in the River Arts District! Then, it’s easy. Just go the membership information page, read about the organization, download an application and contact our membership coordinator. This year, contact Dawn Dalto, at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts (828.285.0210)

7. I have more questions!
There’s a form here you can use to ask us. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!